Short Terms / Bridging

• Great solutions for you when there is an need for quick  fix solution
•  you must have an exist strategies and Brick and mortar securities/s
• Firm Finance understands that sometimes you need money fast and time not on your side
• Firm Finance knows that you don’t always have time to produce complicated financial reports? And If you do it might or may not satisfy your Banker.
• Firm Finance can assist you with private funding in achieving your goals and releasing your stress and frustration.

Target  Individuals (PAYG or self-employed), Companies, Partnerships or Trusts

Loan Purpose

Loans considered for direct purchase, refinance, debit consolidation and construction being residential and investment. Facility not regulated by the UCCC

Loan Features

Quick ready and fast settlement with no much fuss

Loan Products

Short period with exit strategies

Minimum Loan Size

$5,000 (Subject to the loan scenario and to the LVR) Double security

Maximum Loan size

$5,000,000 (Subject to the loan scenario and to the LVR) Single security

Loan to Value Ratio

Up to 80%

Minimum Loan Terms

3 Months

Maximum Loan Terms

6 months

Loan Repayment Frequency

Monthly in advance

Security Type

A. Residential commercial industrial vacant land and rural residential being occupier \ investment Properties must be located in Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT).
B. Properties must be cities or major regional centers with a population of at least 30,000. All properties must have legal and unrestricted road access.
C. Properties must comprise an area of at least 40 square meters (excluding balconies )

Redraw Available


Split Loan Available


Dynamic Repayment


Additional Repayment

Principal reductions accepted with minimum of $15,000 each time on the principal part if any

Loan statements


Documentation Required

Subject to the loan purpose, please call 1300 790 909 for more details

Financial Information

Borrowers who can demonstrate serviceability by way of exit strategies or with up to date detailed financial statements covering the last 12 months

Qualifying Interest Rate

Please call our consultant on 1300 790 909 for more details

Other Conditions

A. Prime loans Borrowers must demonstrate serviceability
B. Lo Doc & Uninsured Borrowers must be self employed or an Investor , has an ABN number and  registered for GST and in business for the past 2 years