Non resident


Loans allow investor or business people being Non-Residents to investment in Australia property

Non-Residents purchasing investment property in Australia Individuals – salaried income earners only

Loan Purpose
Loans considered for direct purchase, refinance residential and investment property only

Loan Features

Full supporting documentation and evidence of income is required for all applicant/s

Loan Products

All facility included line of credit

Minimum Loan Size

$50k (Subject to the loan scenario and to the LVR) Double security

Maximum Loan size

$750,000 (Subject to the loan scenario and to the LVR) Single security

Loan to Value Ratio

80% LVR for loans up to $500,000 – metro areas of Australia
75% LVR for loans from $500,001 to $750,000 – metro areas of Australia

Minimum Loan Terms

Interest only from 1year to 15 years and (P&I thereafter) to 40 yrs
Fixed Rates from 1year to 15 years and (P&I thereafter) to 40 yrs

Maximum Loan Terms

40 years Principal & Interest

Loan Repayment Frequency

Weekly, twice monthly or monthly, day and date can be nominated

Security Type

Residential investment only

Redraw Available


Split Loan Available


Dynamic Repayment


Additional Repayment

Principal reductions accepted with minimum of $5,000 each time on the principal part if any

Loan statements

Issued Half Yearly (But you can ask us when required we will mail them to you charges apply).

Documentation Required

Subject to the loan purpose, please call 1300 790 909 for more details

Financial Information

Borrowers who can demonstrate serviceability with up to date detailed financial statements covering the last 12 months

Qualifying Interest Rate

Please call our consultant on 1300 790 909 for more details

Other Conditions

A. Written evidence of Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval is required
B. 80% of gross rental income should cover the proposed repayments
C. An irrevocable and unlimited Power of Attorney in favor of a permanent Australian resident to be provided
D. Confirmation of overseas income should be provided however, this will not be a major
factor in assessment, provided all other criteria are met
E. Genworth Financial will insure all non-residents
F. PMI will only insure expatriates of Australia or New Zealand
G. Only applicable for prime loans (no Lo Doc or Construction loans)
H. The following web address may assist in determining FIRB eligibility –