Motor Vehicle & Others

Full Docs1st tiers and 2nd tiers credit Criteria for motor vehicles and heavy machineries purchased from a dealer or auction, or Firm Finance residual re-writes > $18,000 but applicant must meet Standard Credit Guidelines Criteria
Offering the simplest guidelines on approval & the fastest settlement in the market. (Subject to the loan scenario terms & conditions)

Individuals (PAYG or self-employed), Companies, Partnerships or Trusts

Loan Purpose  Motor vehicles purchased from a dealer or auction, or Firm Finance residual re-writes > $18,000
Loan Features Fast settlements

Loan Products

Motor Vehicles, Vans, Utes
Light trucks, heavy trucks
Trailers, Forklifts, Excavators,
Mobile cranes and (non-agricultural)  Bobcats, Graders Backhoes,
Bulldozers, Loaders, Tractors
Caravans, Jet Skies, Boats
Motor Homes and heavy Machinery

Minimum Loan Size

$18k (Subject to the loan scenario and to the LVR) Double security

Maximum Loan size

$1,000,000 (Subject to the loan scenario) and higher amounts can be available
Maximum Balloon amount 2 and 3 years term 50%
4 years term 45%
5 years term 35%
Age limit for balloons  No balloons on cars over 4 years old
Credit discretion Balloons may be lower at the discretion of credit based on age, mileage, usage and other factors.

Loan to Value Ratio

Up to 100%

Minimum Loan Terms

2 years

Maximum Loan Terms

7 years

Loan Repayment Frequency


Security Type

Motor vehicle and equipments

Loan statements

Issued Half Yearly (But you can ask us when required we will mail them to you charges apply).

Documentation Required

Subject to the loan purpose, please call 1300 790 909 for more details

Financial Information

Borrowers who can demonstrate means of serviceability

Qualifying Interest Rate

Please call our consultant on 1300 790 909 for more details

Other Conditions

Vehicle age has to be less than 4 years at commencement of the loan and 10 years at the end of the contract

Prime loans Borrowers must demonstrate serviceability with up to date detailed financial statements covering last 2 yrs