Funding Senarios


Firm Finance will help you to increase you turnover by bringing your cash receipts faster
• The facility grows in proportion to your sales — no need to reapply
• No need for you to offer costly settlement discounts
• Use property assets to build personal wealth instead of locking them into the business
• Reduce the risk of losing the family home
• Get discounts from your suppliers for early payment
• Improve your buying power

Example 1

Profile Panel shop owner
Situation His marriage had ended and the agreed asset split resulted in one party taking the family home and one party taking the family business. With no property security business debt had to be refinanced.
Solution Debtor facility provided by Firm Finance.
Result The Divorce settlement completed and the business continues to grow.
Why Firm Finance No minimum contract term and no early termination fees.

 Example 2

Profile Plants Wholesaler
Siuation Business growth was putting pressure on existing funding lines and increases to overdraft facilities were not possible.
Solution Confidential invoice discounting facility provided by Firm Finance
Result Business growth continues and has accelerated due to improved cash flow.
Why Firm Finance Facility provided on a confidential basis with no property security required, Directors no longer have the family home pledged to support the business.

 Example 3

Profile Pie Company
Situation Two years of poor performance covered by Directors contribution of additional funds raised against their family homes. Business had begun to grow and more funds were needed but the Directors wanted to cap the liability against their homes.
Solution Debtor finance provided by Firm Finance
Result New facility has enabled growth to continue.
Why Firm Finance Existing debtor financier insisted on real estate security and Firm Finance had no such requirement.

 Example 4

Profile Shoes Manufacturer
Situation Growth restricted by a lack of available working capital and bricks and mortar security was fully pledged.
Solution Debtor finance provided by Firm Finance
Result Business growth enabled and greater profits generated as a result.
Why Firm Finance Flexible attitude to high concentration with a few debtors that precluded many of our competitors.

 Example 5

Profile Chicken Wholesaler
Situation Business funded from outset without bank borrowings through tight credit control. Further growth relied upon extension of better terms to larger clients.
Solution Debtor finance provided by Firm Finance
Result New clients have built business turnover and profitability continues to improve.
Why Firm Finance Client valued the flexibility of debtor finance and appreciated the personal, local service